Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wisconsin Madison

Last weekend~ I went to University of Wisconsin Madison, to visit my old pal back in ChongHwa~Mr. Yap Kai Jie =.=

This guy came here 1 semester b4 me, and he was in Inti SubangJaya, we were in the same program, the American Degree Program.~

Actually i was hesitating whether to go or not~ After considering the fact that this might be my last chance to visit him this semester, as the following weeks will be very busy, and this guy kept on saying " Come lar~~ I sure tour u around de~~ Dun Worry~~ Come Come~ ". So i eventually bought my bus ticket online, Coach USA, round trip $52.

22 February Saturday, after 3 hours journey on Coach USA, i reached Madison!!
So here am I~ University of Wisconsin Madison. A very good school, highly ranked, good study environment, and of course~ its Expensive~ . 35k~40k per year? probably 45k for some one like KaiJie =.= Haha
Toured around the campus~ Wow its really HUGE~ compare to my University, of course =.=~ Its actually a campus town, which u can find restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pubs, minimarket, grocery stores and etc in the town. So its a campus lifestyle here at Wisconsin Madison, with totally no SkyScrappers, no big shopping malls, no CHINA TOWN! Haha sad case for this guy here.
Science Hall
Well~ However~ That night, some unexpected bad stuffs happened. 1st of all, i was told that there's gonna be a SnowStorm on the next day, which might affect the operation of Intercity Buses. Which meant that i might be trapped at Madison and couldn't go back to Chicago. I was like " WTF~ Oh MyGosh~". And this guy here brought me to a sohai Korean Night Club which i had no idea why i went there=.= Zzzzzz. Anyway~ Forget about it. Zzzzzz

The next morning, the weather was so fucking bad! All the University's shuttle buses were cancelled due to the bad weather. The road was so slippery and i actually saw cars skidded on it. Well~ I wasn't that bad luck anyway, fortunately Intercity Buses were still operating, and i got back to Chicago at 4pm, 23 February Sunday.
Hmm~ Anyway, I still wanna thx KaiJie for this trip. I hope to see u soon at Chicago.

Take Care Bro~ Dont PLAY too much, u noe wat i mean =.= Haha~~


ck said...

wow, kaijie still look the same with his short hair. I tot his hair will be very long since barber there so expensive .

AleXxXx said...

he is a sohai