Friday, February 22, 2008

Ghiradelli's Ice Cream

Well~~ Another very nice place to introduce , Ghiradelli's Ice Cream~~

Its at Michigan Ave, the Magnificient Mile, the best shopping street at Chicago. In my opinion, this is the prettiest street of all, especially at nite. A street full of branded fashion shops, such as Guess, GAP, Gucci, Armani and etc ~~ A shopping heaven for rich ppl, definitely not for me, yet perhaps.

Water Tower
The Magnificient Mile
Borders Book Store

Frozen River of Chicago~

Ok so finally we arrived at Ghiradelli's Ice Cream at the end of Magnificient Mile. Ice Cream~~~~ I have no idea how to describe how it tasted~ Just use your imagination ^^

Moments of Timeless Pleasure ~~~ Yea it is~
Went to Museum Campus after that~~ Enjoyed the Magnificient Chicago Nite View~ Awesome

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