Saturday, February 2, 2008



The dorm wasn't open for the 1st week and meal plan wasn't started yet. So my fren brought me around to taste some chicago nice foods.

So it was Chicago China Town, 1 station from my campus by train, or we can actually walk there.. which no body does, but it actually take around 25 minutes only, pretty convenient~. Seriously the food here is really nice, but of course it is not cheap at all =.= There are ALOT of chinese restaurant here ~~
Joy Yee's Noodle, a very nice chinese restaurant located at New China Town. 1 thing i want to mention is the dishes here are served in BIG PORTION. Seriously i couldn't finish it by myself. American Size =.=

Beef Rice

See how big it is.. Zzzzzz.. American Size =.=

Another nice restaurant to introduce is our very own Chicago's Style PIZZA, Giordano's Pizza~~ It located at downtown Chicago, which my frens brought me there on my 5th day at Chicago. Got to know some friends came from Inti Subang Jaya and a very nice senior name Ison that night too.

Giordano (shares the same name as the casual wear retailer) =.=

American Pizza, big and cheesy. Not bad~ I like it~~~

Something interesting is, in America, in the restaurant, they ALWAYS expect you to tip them. Actually i think it is COMPULSORY to tip them. For restaurants, you have to pay around 15% extra as TIPS. So its like if the bill came out 25 Dollars, you have to pay 30 Dollars. Everything that is related to service industry you must pay tips! Taxi drivers here earn a fortune, because u have to pay 25% tips. So if the fare is 100 Dollars, you will have to pay 125 Dollars. Really Zzzzzzz.

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