Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to USA


My fren Mr.HK picked me up at the airport at 5am morning! We took the train from the airport and it was a very long journey to downtown Chicago. He straight brought me to downtown Chicago to walk around and China Town to eat breakfast, with my big luggage =.= Zzzzz really dunno wat is he thinking haha.

Downtown Chicago Morning 6am ~~ Its not really that cold yet.

Nothing special for the 1st week. Stayed at his house because the dorm wasn't open yet, maybe i arrived a little too early. So the 1st week was just home-sicking every morning and jet- lagging. I slept at around 7~8pm at nite and woke up at 6am everyday . Zzzzz

It was quite suffering and boring during the 1st week. Maybe its because my other frens studying here were not back yet. Jingkai was at LA, Sam was at Japan, and the others were all around USA like NewYork or Iowa. Furthermore, i didn't know any new friends yet.


The house i stayed during my 1st week. Looks small but its really comfortable inside.


yanz said...


Yeeeeha~ 1st to read ur blog~
u damn damn zadao la~~
last time keep laugh bao gong!!!
nw come write blog urself!!!
d most impossible thing has happened!! but anyway~ sharing ur parts in US oso good d.....
k la take care....i will ask more ppl come laugh u~

Yvette said...

Interesting to know.