Friday, January 18, 2008


11th January

Ok so it was my last friday at malaysia before leaving for the States. So as usual we went for futsal at 4pm~~ Yea it was my last game before leaving malaysia. It was fun and i'm glad to score couple of goals too haha. Mr Yanz even rushed back from nottingham to play this game =.= haha.

Yea we went Shogun, Sunway for dinner after that~~ Haha i am glad this time all gals turned up, since some of them like to put aeroplane =.=

Unfortunately, Shogun sucks =.= Maybe because we tried Jogoya before, everyone was just comparing the foods with Jogoya's hundred ringgit buffet. Zzz but seriously i don't think it worth RM66 =.= It would be the 1st and the last time for all of us i think. Haha~

The bill came out RM 1067.20~ So everyone except me paid RM 70++. Gosh paiseh so expensive ~ But thx all for treating me~

So everyone signed on the back of the bill and it became my zzz farewell present. Expensive present rite? Haha

Still with me~ Safe and sound~ See?? Saupei la guofen~ haha joking~

The Gals~

The Boys~~

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