Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liverpool Zzzz Haha

Look at tis, doesnt "it" look like a FROG? Haha

A pulsating match between Chelsea and Liverpool, which ended 3-2. So Chelsea went through 4-3 at aggregate~ Haha bad luck to Liverpool this time, 1 SUPER NOOB own goal at the 1st leg and another NOOB penalty at stamford bridge. Hahahaa~~ Good good~

The result favoured my way, though i dont support both teams. Haha it doesn't mean that i like Chelsea more than Liverpool, it just that Liverpool beat Arsenal before this, that's why i enjoyed the result. Haha i admit that i am bias. ~~~~

However, there's something to be mentioned. This creature here Mr. Avram Grant really pissed me off. He became veli lansi and thinks that he is smart.

"'We have created history and I am very proud we did it my way", ESPN soccernet. Oh so this guy said that Chelsea did it "HIS" way~ His frog way??? WTF!

'There's only one special one,' he joked. ESPN soccernet. Oh so he thinks that he is hilarious? No u arent!! You Suck!!~ ~

Though he achieved something that his predecessor Jose Mourinho failed to achieved - beating Liverpool to advance to Chelsea's 1st UEFA Champions League Final. However i think that this frog here doesn't deserve any credit at all. Why??

1. He is just following Mourinho's tactic~
2. He is just using Mourinho's team
3. He just happened to have better luck than Jose Mourinho~ (Super Noob OwnGoal)
4. Just look at this game, i doubt Liverpool will have still have a lifeline until the last minute of the game if Chelsea was under Jose Mourinho. This Frog's Chelsea were lucky for not to pay the ultimate price for kept giving Liverpool a lifeline till the last minute.

5. He is too yongsui =.= Haha yea he does look like a frog (according to miwang)

So the final would be Chelsea VS Manchester United. Shit i really dont know which team i will support for the final.

Manchester United?? Definitely not~ Those lansi MU Fans really pissed me off. MU SUCKS!!!!
Chelsea?? Perhaps, since i have no better choice =.=~~~ But i bet this Frog will be even LANSI if Chelsea win the final =.=

Zzzz Sienz Sienz Sienzz

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My New Job~~~

Global Grounds IIT

So i have been working here for almost 3 weeks~ My new on-campus job~~ Yoho~ So i am earning American Gold $$$$ now ~~ $8 per hour

Basically my job is to do everything in the cafe~
1. Preparing drinks~ Espresso, Coffee, Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Frappe, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Hot Chocolate, Tea ~~ blablabla~~
2. Preparing bakeries such as Pretzo, Sandwitches, Bagels blablabla~~~
3. Taking order, cashier
4. Cleaning (Zzz which i dislike the most )
Haha~ Quite tiring sometimes, but its FUN!!

The Coffee Grinder and Espress Machine~

Friday, April 11, 2008

Piano Piano~

Haha~ Simply play de~ Enjoy~

Pirates of the Caribbean

Phantom of the Opera~

Haha it was just for fun~

Spring Break @ Colorado

Finally found sometime to update my trip to Colorado during my 1 week Spring Break. I am now typing this blog inside my stupid CAE470 class, friday nite zzzzzzz.

So i went to Denver, Colorado during my spring break with my old pals back in Inti. I took a flight from Chicago Midway Airport (Zzz Chicago is too far) while the others took buses. It was a great to meet up with them, FeiHai Cheow from Drake, Eric & Tumadre from UNL, and 2 other frens from UNL too. Gay trip huh?? Haha

So 1st nite~~ The creepy Denver International Youth Hostel. 14 Bucks per nite~ But OMG it was really damn creepy, with "DeathBody" inside the spooky closet, weird "scarecrow hat" in the bathroom and poorly luminated room. Haha something funny happened, i'll post tat 2 videos soon. Hahaa

Denver International Youth Hostel ~~ Zzzz

Day 2- We walked around Denver downtown~ Nothing special if u wanna compare with Chicago, lose 9 9~~~ Haha but Denver is a pretty town~~

Went to eat some Chinese Food~ Look what Eric ordered ~~ Damn Disgusting Zzzz~ Fu Yong Dan Rice ~~ Hahaa
7 wai ~~ Zzzzzz Hahahaa
After that, we went to the zoo. Zzzzzzzzzz which i have no idea why Zoo~~ Nothing special~ Saw polar bears made love~ Haha

This was before >>>>>>>>>>> ( White Bear Fu%#ing)

After >>>>>>>>>> ( Blue Bear Fu*&ing)

Look at this guy's expression~

Downtown Denver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The 2nd or 3rd day i forgot, we departed to Boulder~ A small town located NorthWest of Denver~ Campus town for University of Colorado~ Pretty Town~~~

Main Street at Boulder

So here came the interesting part of the trip~ SKIING~~~~~30 minutes on the shuttle bus from Boulder and we reached our Ski Resort, the El Dora Ski Resort~~ Wahahaha it was my 1st time skiing. Not that tough though, it was damn fun!!!

Rocky Mountains at Colorado~~ US best ski resort~ But maybe too good for beginners like us, kinda pricy though. $86 including lessons + ski equipment rental~ Zzzz too expensive. Anyway, it was a really nice experience~~
Went to visit University of Colorado at Boulder too~ Very nice school, big campus~~ FeiHai Cheow wanna transfer here jor~~

Day 4 or Day 5 ~ departed back to Denver~ Good bye Boulder and ElDora Ski Resort ~~ ^^

Some random church zzzz
All of us ~~

Day6~ So it was the end of the trip~ UNL gang departed earlier, so it was only me and feihai for the last day~

Bye Bye Denver , Bye Bye Colorado~~~
Spent $500 for the trip i guess ~~ Zzzzz pokai jor now~ Anyway it was a fun trip~~~ See u guys next time ~

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arsenal Zzzz

Liverpool 4 - 2 Arsenal

Zzzzzzz I couldn't stand it anymore .. Zzzzzzzzz really must write something here.

By the time Adebayor scored after an amazing run from Theo Walcott, i was still shouting and celebrating, and suddenly everything just went completely WRONG!


Why Arsenal Lost??? Why??? Very simple :

1. Sohai Referee - I wonder why everytime the big dicisions always go againts Arsenal. Last week when it was a clearcut penalty appeal from Alexander Hleb, Zzzz the referee turned it down. Today when it looked like a soft foul on Ryan Babel, the referee pointed to the spot without hesitation. WTF!!!! WTF!!!!

2. Phillipe Noob Senderos - If i am Arsene Wenger, i would have sold this idiot LONG TIME AGO! He'll never never qualify to play for a big team, such as Arsenal. He is clumsy, noob, ugly, stupid, unaware and idiot, another Cygan+Bramble-type defender. His poor marking + poor defending were the main reason why Arsenal conceded 2 important goals this match. FUCK this noob!

3. Nicklas Defender Bendtner - Oh~~ What a good clearance during the 1st leg~ Maybe he should change his position to central defender~ This guy also will never qualify to play for Arsenal. Sell Him!!! Damn it!

4. Emmanual Adebayor - Yea right u scored the crutial equaliser. So what??!! What the hell were u doing when the ball rolled infront of you at the 70++th minute i guess, what kind of lanjiao finishing was that???? Yea Adebayor is very good sometimes, but his inconsistency + poor "striker instinct" will never make him a great Striker. He'll never be like Thierry Henry, Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba these kind of great strikers, so SAO PEI PLS!!!

5. Arsene Wenger - !!!! Ok, this is the MAIN reason i guess! First of all, this old man is WAY TOO STUBBORN!! "The mental strength of the team was fantastic tonight. It was down to lack of experience. " - SkySports, ok so this guy complained Arsenal was lack of experience, WTF YOU were the one who sold all those experienced player!!!! Secondly, i wonder why didn't he just deploy Emmanual Eboue on the right back position, and Kolo Toure in the Middle of the defence, so that Noob Senderous could just sleep at home! Furthermore, Eboue just SUCKS on the right wing, he'll never be a great winger forever, oh damn i miss Robert Pires SO MUCH!!

6. Arsene Wenger 2 - Not finish with Wenger yet, remember last season Arsenal lost the CarlingCup, ChampionsLeague, and the EPL Title race in quick succession? It was so obvious that the Arsenal's squad wasn't big enough to compete in 4 competitions, as the players were tired after so many matches played. Arsene Wenger just didn't learn his lesson, he thinks his players are all Robots and will never get injured. For this season, Arsenal's dissaster started right after the injury of Eduardo DaSilva and Tomas Rosicky.

Forget about it~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break Day1~ Lambogini Bonanza~~

It has been a long time since i posted something here~ Haha got kinda lazy these days + freakingly busy with my stuff =.=

Spring break just passed and it was an awesome week for me~~

During the 1st day of spring break, saturday i guess, a phone call at 6 30am woke me up~ Yeap it was a call from this jibet KaiJie when he arrived at Chicago at 6 30am!!! WTF 6 30 am!! I had no idea why he hv chosen this kind of odd hours to travel =.=

Haha~~ Met this guy at ChinaTown and ate some dimsum at 7am =.= Went to Michigan Ave after that, walked around until he brought me to this Lambogini Showroom~ ( Zzz i should be the one bringing him around =.= )

I didnt know there's such thing at downtown Chicago, i was still hesitating whether to go in but this guy just stormed in =.= Lamboginies~~~~~~ AWESOME~

A Ferrari trying to challenge the Lamboginies i guess =.= Parked in front of the show room.



This was the coolest~ Lambogini Murchilago~ $395000 if i have not mistaken =.=
I really hope someday i will have the ability to walk in these shops, throw them my credit card and say " give me the black one please~~~ =.= " Haha

Brought him around my campus~ Welcome to Illinois Institute of Technology~ My school~
We seperated at the train station after that, he was on his way to New York City from O'Hare Airport while i was on my way to Denver from Midway Airport.
So the trip to Colorado began~~~ To be continued~~~

2nd meeting in 1 month i guess =.= Zzzzz ~~ Haha see u soon ~~