Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arsenal Zzzz

Liverpool 4 - 2 Arsenal

Zzzzzzz I couldn't stand it anymore .. Zzzzzzzzz really must write something here.

By the time Adebayor scored after an amazing run from Theo Walcott, i was still shouting and celebrating, and suddenly everything just went completely WRONG!


Why Arsenal Lost??? Why??? Very simple :

1. Sohai Referee - I wonder why everytime the big dicisions always go againts Arsenal. Last week when it was a clearcut penalty appeal from Alexander Hleb, Zzzz the referee turned it down. Today when it looked like a soft foul on Ryan Babel, the referee pointed to the spot without hesitation. WTF!!!! WTF!!!!

2. Phillipe Noob Senderos - If i am Arsene Wenger, i would have sold this idiot LONG TIME AGO! He'll never never qualify to play for a big team, such as Arsenal. He is clumsy, noob, ugly, stupid, unaware and idiot, another Cygan+Bramble-type defender. His poor marking + poor defending were the main reason why Arsenal conceded 2 important goals this match. FUCK this noob!

3. Nicklas Defender Bendtner - Oh~~ What a good clearance during the 1st leg~ Maybe he should change his position to central defender~ This guy also will never qualify to play for Arsenal. Sell Him!!! Damn it!

4. Emmanual Adebayor - Yea right u scored the crutial equaliser. So what??!! What the hell were u doing when the ball rolled infront of you at the 70++th minute i guess, what kind of lanjiao finishing was that???? Yea Adebayor is very good sometimes, but his inconsistency + poor "striker instinct" will never make him a great Striker. He'll never be like Thierry Henry, Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba these kind of great strikers, so SAO PEI PLS!!!

5. Arsene Wenger - !!!! Ok, this is the MAIN reason i guess! First of all, this old man is WAY TOO STUBBORN!! "The mental strength of the team was fantastic tonight. It was down to lack of experience. " - SkySports, ok so this guy complained Arsenal was lack of experience, WTF YOU were the one who sold all those experienced player!!!! Secondly, i wonder why didn't he just deploy Emmanual Eboue on the right back position, and Kolo Toure in the Middle of the defence, so that Noob Senderous could just sleep at home! Furthermore, Eboue just SUCKS on the right wing, he'll never be a great winger forever, oh damn i miss Robert Pires SO MUCH!!

6. Arsene Wenger 2 - Not finish with Wenger yet, remember last season Arsenal lost the CarlingCup, ChampionsLeague, and the EPL Title race in quick succession? It was so obvious that the Arsenal's squad wasn't big enough to compete in 4 competitions, as the players were tired after so many matches played. Arsene Wenger just didn't learn his lesson, he thinks his players are all Robots and will never get injured. For this season, Arsenal's dissaster started right after the injury of Eduardo DaSilva and Tomas Rosicky.

Forget about it~


Anonymous said...

think he knows what is not enough in Arsenal already...those things just what to say to media la...cant influence team atmosphere...
This is the team built by him...I think he got to rebuild that until it's perfect...

ck said...

haha. lol.
I agree that the penalty is a bit soft, but Arsenal played good only for the first half or so only. I think flamini is the main reason.
Gilberto is over the hill d, time for him to go USA or ARab to play rich man football. He is lazy and slow AND OLD!ANd he can't do what flamini did,to fight for every ball especially with liverpool having 2 defensive midfielders and gerrard in a free role.
History repeats. Mourinho/ Grant/Wenger all said before:"We can win 3 trophies this year", but will all lose like shit consecutively.
1 more fact, arsenal is over dependent on their key players, notably fabregas. You can see how tired he is where he just could't stop babel from getting the last goal.
However, I still rate arsenal as a very dangerous and good team. Just sell senderos, move eboue back to rb, toure in CB postion, and maybe put walcott as 1st choice Rightmid.

hasegawa said...

zzz... s2pid referee!!!!! if he din giv penalty.. evithing ll jus be fine!! i was so sad that time! zzz...

AleXxXx said...

bo bian~~
suan liao la

marlson said...

sianz diao...
lanjiao REFEREE plays all la..
7 sianz.. lose man u somemore
let ppl laugh ma de
reali canot tahan wenger..
put tat sohai gilberto that make that freekik to owen
o0o to man u fans

AleXxXx said...

this post so popular???
maybe i should write more about tis ~
sienz sienz sienz sienz
arsenal eat sand lor this season