Monday, June 23, 2008

Commenting on CK's post on Euro 2008 Shocking Quaterfinal

Haha~ Commenting on CK's post

Euro 2008 Quaterfinals

1st game, Portugal 2 vs 3 Germany

Well, honestly i wasn't suprise watching Portugal crashing out in the hands of the germans. These are the facts :

  1. The continuing use of behgai Simao Sabrosa. 1st of all, this shortie is never a SuperStar, and I bet he think he is. I remembered he once insisted taking a freekick won by Deco during the groupstages, and the latter was clearly unhappy about that, and ended up blasting a Super Aeroplane. He performed poorly throughout the tournament and didn't possess any attacking threat in the German defence. Maybe he is too short comparing with the Germans eh? Haha
  2. The lost of form after suffering a defeat in the final group match. I didn't watch that match and I have no opinion on the decision of playing a B-Team in that match, but anyway the defeat might somehow had some negative effect on the team. ( Zzz I am pretty sure there's some Bookie issue in that match against the Swiss, that's why I have no opinion on that "fake" game )
  3. The stupid rumous + headlines on sohai Ronaldo + Big Fat Scolari. Definitely there's some negative effect on the team's spirit. Ronaldo might had spent some time thinking of the Hot Spanish Gals in Madrid while Scolari was thinking of how to cheat his new billionaire boss for some extra pocket $$$, their hearts weren't 100% in the tournament anymore.
  4. Credits to the mighty Germans! Schweinsteiger was really awesome and ofcuz the mighty Ballack!!

2nd game, Croatia 1 VS 1 Turkey

Honestly, this was the shockest result in the quarterfinals for me. Croatia was always always always my favourite to go through the quaterfinals, until Turkey equalised in the final minutes.

I dont think this was a fair result for the Croatians!!!

Luka Modric and Irvica Olic were really awesome throughout the tournament as they are two of my favourite players. (Nico Kranjcar & Nico Kovac impressed too) Their coach Slaven Bilic looks really promising! I have begun to notice this guy since he defeated England in the Wembley, wahaha~ Great young coach!

Sad for the Croatians~

Turkey this AM GONG team!! I hope the German will trash them 9 9 !!

3rd game, Holland 1 VS 3 Russia

Well~ again this wasn't a great shock to me too.

The Russian played superbly in their last 2 matches, which won me some $$ as well~ I remembered miwang once said " Guus Hiddink this am gong gia~ " in the early stages of the tournament, now there's no doubt that this guy is really a genious in international football. Zzzz , seriously, he is the master tactician in big tournaments!!!

Roman Pavlyuchenko, Andrey Arshavin, Yuri Zhirkov these players which I have never heard of, became superstar under the hands of Guus Hiddink. Especially Pavlyuchenko who caught my attention since the 1st match!! ( and ofcuz the amazing Arshavin )

On the other hand, Holland was just awful in this match.

  1. Kuyt barely touched the ball in the 1st half,
  2. VanPersie who came on for him played out of position in the right wing and made no impact + blasted a super aeroplane freekick in a promising position ( Sneijder wasn't happy about tat =.= )
  3. VanNisterooy was invicible all the game until he scored the goal
  4. Boulahrouz shouldn't have started (wasted a subsitution)
  5. Ineffective substitution (Zzzz siapa Afellay)
  6. The loss of GlassLeg Arjen Robben ( One of the key reason )
  7. Poor Sneijder was doing 1 manshow =.=

Anyway~ I think Russians weren't the happiest after the match~ the Bookies were!! Imagine how much $$$ they've won becuz of this match. =.=

4th game, Italy VS Spain (2-4 Penalty)

Hahaa~ The only game without a shocking result~ But still!! Bookie earned alot eh??? Haha my poor little fren betted on Spain and ofcuz the bookies won

Spain deserved to go through, no doubt about that.

The world champions Italy never looked like world champion anymore, they managed to squeeze through the groupstages only becuz the French have Domenech as their coach ( Zzzz pure noob ). Toni was terribly aweful, Pirlo was missed ( thought he wasn't tat good anymore ), and the tactic was negative.

Before the match, Italy was already one of the team I hate the most, after they defeated France in the WorldCup final ( yes I am bias ). In this game, the Italian played like cheaters! Players stayed down after minor challenge from Spanish players, forcing the ball to go out of play, giving time for teammates to reorganize the defence + making the match unwatchable. Do u expect "world champion" to play like this? Fuck u Italy!!!

To make the matter worse, the referee performed so badly in this match, perhaps he betted on Italy??

I was so worried that Spain might lose the penalty shootout, as you know Italy are so AM! Thankgod that Fabregas who never took penalties, managed to score.

However, if Spain really wants to win the tournament, Aragones really should work harder. His substitutions + decisions could be better, I guess ( and I hope ).

Anyway~ Lets Support Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew~ Took me 2 hours to finish this post =.=

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer = Euro2008 = Betting = $$$$ = Gone

Finally got to touch this blog =.= Havent update for a long time.

Well, there's only 1 word to describe Summer here at IIT >>>>> Boring =.= Zzzzzzz

The ONLY fucking reason I am staying here for the summer is because I have to take this fucking class MMAE 202, which is a prerequisite to almost ALL my Junior year classes next semester. Orelse, I'll just go back to Malaysia to enjoy my summer holiday and watch Euro 2008 with my frens. Fuck this class!

So far life here during the summer :

1. Wake up early in the morning, around 9am ( for me is early =.= )
2. Switch on my laptop
3. Sign in MSN Messenger
4. "Bling Bling" Nudged by some ppl
5. Invite or being invited to the same old chatroom by my gangs (Yanz MW Marlson Gawa ~~ )
6. Listen to the ODDS & RATES provided by our Mr. Cow ( Mr. Gawa )
7. Discuss + Predict scores + Anaylze team lineup + Try to outsmart the bookies (=.=)
8. Choose the best ODDS, insert amount (=.=)
9. BET!!!!!!!!
10. WATCH!!!
11. Stressed!!!
12. Record down the total WIN or LOST ( Happens more often )
13. Daily event review (Zzzz)

A : " Noob Domenech! "
H : " 7 fake!"
Y : " Diuzzz - 85 liao"
W : " Sien larr Anelka 7 noob! dunno score "
A : " Ramos 7 behgai "
H : " Follow my uncle mar~ Noob
M : " Said dy dun take France larr~~ "
W : " Should have taken SMALL "
C : " You all noob! Follow me take Portugal marr~ Haha "
Y : " How i noe? GOD told me to take France"
A : " I flipped coin it said take Italy, Zzzz regret "
H : " Nvm Nvm~ Next Match / Tomorrow!! "
Y : " Ok time to communicate with God liao "
M: " Lai 80 for me Italy "

These are the typical conversations everyday ~~~ Hahaha

So far this is my routine for almost everyday (=.=) Since my classes are either morning 8am or evening 6pm, I watched almost EVERY matches of EURO 2008, experiencing the fakeness of football and the power of bookie everyday(=.=)

Haih~~ 堕落人生~ Watever~ Zzzzzzz

5 more weeks, then I'll be done with my summer fucking class, and then time to ENJOY~~

Washington DC here I come ~~~~ ^^

PS : Can't belif that I found a link connecting to Astro SuperSports, I have been watching LIVE EURO 2008 football matches with this link~

Shebby Noob Singh Live in USA ~~~

Hahaa~~ same old weird Indian accent + pointless analysis~~

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama for President ^^


After a long long campaign, history has been made~~ Barack Obama beats Hilary Clinton (Zzzz) to become the 1st African American major party presidential candidate in the United States history.

The road to the White House :

(Democrats) Barack Obama VS John McCain (Republican )


Well, if nothing weird + stupid happens, something like sex scandal ( which always happen in political warfare =.= ) I am pretty sure that Obama will stroll all the way to the WhiteHouse =)

He has that kind of " president aura " which John McCain doesn't possess.


P.S : Obama is the Senator of Illinois and lives at Chicago ^^