Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to USA


My fren Mr.HK picked me up at the airport at 5am morning! We took the train from the airport and it was a very long journey to downtown Chicago. He straight brought me to downtown Chicago to walk around and China Town to eat breakfast, with my big luggage =.= Zzzzz really dunno wat is he thinking haha.

Downtown Chicago Morning 6am ~~ Its not really that cold yet.

Nothing special for the 1st week. Stayed at his house because the dorm wasn't open yet, maybe i arrived a little too early. So the 1st week was just home-sicking every morning and jet- lagging. I slept at around 7~8pm at nite and woke up at 6am everyday . Zzzzz

It was quite suffering and boring during the 1st week. Maybe its because my other frens studying here were not back yet. Jingkai was at LA, Sam was at Japan, and the others were all around USA like NewYork or Iowa. Furthermore, i didn't know any new friends yet.


The house i stayed during my 1st week. Looks small but its really comfortable inside.

Journey To The West =.=


So the journey to the "west" began =.=

My journey would be like KL >>> Taipei >>>> LosAngeles by Malaysia Airline
And Los Angeles >>> Chicago by United Airline

Sienzzz =.= Booked late so it cost RM 3802!! 1 way somemore!! Zzzzzzzz Sienzzz

Malaysia airline is really pretty cool. Nice food and very interesting flight entertainment. There are many many games and movies, u'll never feel bored on the plane

Malaysia Airline Flight Entertainment Joystick

Champions League 2006-2007 Highlights

Took around 4 hours to reach taipei, and 2 hours of sienzz transit at the airport.

Taipei Airport Duty Free Shop =.=

After that it was a long long flight from Taipei to Los Angeles across the Pasific Ocean, 11 hours if i have not mistaken. Nothing much to do, just Zzzzzzz.

Los Angeles ~~~~

Ok so here am i~ Welcome myself to the United States. Got my passport everything stamped and it was a SIENZZZ 6 hours wait at the stupid LA Airport. Called my uncle at Washington DC, called my fren who supposed to pick me up at Chicago Airport, then there was nothing to do but just wait. I really don't like that airport, don't know why?! The environment sucks =.= Didn't snap any photo at LA airport.

Then, it was United Airline to Chicago. I really miss Malaysia Airline when i took United Airline to Chicago =.= It really sucks. It was a 4 hours journey with no food served at all. So nothing to do just Zzzzz on the plane =.=

Finally~ Arrived at Chicago's O'hare International Airport, the world busiest Airport. So the journey was like 4hours+ 2hours+11hours+6hours+4hours = 27 hours to the United States. Zzzzzzz...

So, Welcome to the United States Mr.Alex Ong^^

Saturday, January 19, 2008


13th January

The day has come~ Finally i have to leave malaysia. Haiz

Arrived at KLIA at 12 30 pm with my family, which was TOO early dy =.= Checked in and done everything by 1pm i guess. Actually I told those boys to come around 1pm, to talk rubbish with me as usual, but as expected, no one arrived yet =.= .

So by 1 30pm some of my college frens arrived, which was really on-timed. Hmm i am really glad to meet up with them before leaving Malaysia. Must add oil all~ See you all at USA soon~

YiNi, Lit Ung, HoayLynn who arrived on time~

A while later Emily arrived with JieTing~ Haha glad to see u gals. I was quite surprised because i thought she's not coming to send me off. Got a big big chocolate which i couldn't even finish it by now. Thx gals ~

My Dear College frens~ Take care

Big Chocolate and a Monkey =.= Why monkey actually?

Finally, some of those lengzais arrived. It was like 1 40 pm when Yanz arrived with TauSen and Big Cow. I phoned Mr Lut who was fetching the other guys and guess wat? They were still on Seremban Highway and it was 1 40 pm already! " Dun Go In Sin~~ We are flying 150 here!! " This was what miwang told me on the phone. Haha you should have told the pilot not me.

Finally! They arrived~ 2:05pm =.= Zzz so i had no time to talk much with them. But fortunately i still got to see them all b4 leaving to the States. If they late for another 10 minutes, really Zzzzz.

So took some photos and really BYEBYE!! Haha i didn't even feel like crying at all~ Dunno why??? Maybe i am too strong? Haha~ Michele u lose dy larr.

Thx all for sending me~ I appreciate it.

My Family~

Lut Marlson Miwang Me Tausen Desmond Yanz and Timax~ TakeCare guys!

Take care all my dearest frens ~~

Friday, January 18, 2008


11th January

Ok so it was my last friday at malaysia before leaving for the States. So as usual we went for futsal at 4pm~~ Yea it was my last game before leaving malaysia. It was fun and i'm glad to score couple of goals too haha. Mr Yanz even rushed back from nottingham to play this game =.= haha.

Yea we went Shogun, Sunway for dinner after that~~ Haha i am glad this time all gals turned up, since some of them like to put aeroplane =.=

Unfortunately, Shogun sucks =.= Maybe because we tried Jogoya before, everyone was just comparing the foods with Jogoya's hundred ringgit buffet. Zzz but seriously i don't think it worth RM66 =.= It would be the 1st and the last time for all of us i think. Haha~

The bill came out RM 1067.20~ So everyone except me paid RM 70++. Gosh paiseh so expensive ~ But thx all for treating me~

So everyone signed on the back of the bill and it became my zzz farewell present. Expensive present rite? Haha

Still with me~ Safe and sound~ See?? Saupei la guofen~ haha joking~

The Gals~

The Boys~~


10th January~

Ice Skating is fun~~ Lalala

Primary Farewell~~


Lets Make it Short~


9th January

So went to have dinner with my primary gal frens, together with timax bon~~

It has been a long time since we gathered, and i am really glad to meet up with those gals b4 i left Malaysia

Pizza Hut ^^

Teacher's house

Guess wat?? Kai Ann brought us to Ma Lao Shi house~~ OMG it was EIGHT YEARS since i last met my primary 6 teacher. A very very nice teacher. I was suprised that she can remember everyone's name and almost every happenings EIGHT YEARS ago!

Then, something really funny happened. Wahahaha~~ At teacher's house, we called Mr Tan Kian Wee, who supposed to turn up that day but he didn't. We used the Loud Speaker so that everyone can listen what he says, without notifying him. I was the 1st to talk to him and as usual we talked rubbish~ Then!!!!!!!! Our Teacher came close to me and shouted his primary school nickname "DANIEL! or DA NIU ( Big Cow) ". Guess what Mr Tan Kian Wee replied? Ahahahahahahaha~~~ He shouted through the loudspeaker, " Sei Sohai what are u talking!!????" Hahaha everyone burst into laughter immediately except our teacher, who i think didn't really understand what he was talking (fortunately) . Pity Mr.Tan didn't know that we were at teacher's house and we used the loud speaker! Hahahaha~~ He apologized to teacher after that~~

Bye Gals~~ ZZZ i really dunno why they like to do ugly faces.

Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Post in My LIFE


Used to laugh ppl writing blog~ Its like " Y Let The Whole World Noe Ur Diary?????"


Now i end up writing myself

Zzzzzzzzzz...... Paiseh miwang =.= Dun XX me ~~