Saturday, January 19, 2008


13th January

The day has come~ Finally i have to leave malaysia. Haiz

Arrived at KLIA at 12 30 pm with my family, which was TOO early dy =.= Checked in and done everything by 1pm i guess. Actually I told those boys to come around 1pm, to talk rubbish with me as usual, but as expected, no one arrived yet =.= .

So by 1 30pm some of my college frens arrived, which was really on-timed. Hmm i am really glad to meet up with them before leaving Malaysia. Must add oil all~ See you all at USA soon~

YiNi, Lit Ung, HoayLynn who arrived on time~

A while later Emily arrived with JieTing~ Haha glad to see u gals. I was quite surprised because i thought she's not coming to send me off. Got a big big chocolate which i couldn't even finish it by now. Thx gals ~

My Dear College frens~ Take care

Big Chocolate and a Monkey =.= Why monkey actually?

Finally, some of those lengzais arrived. It was like 1 40 pm when Yanz arrived with TauSen and Big Cow. I phoned Mr Lut who was fetching the other guys and guess wat? They were still on Seremban Highway and it was 1 40 pm already! " Dun Go In Sin~~ We are flying 150 here!! " This was what miwang told me on the phone. Haha you should have told the pilot not me.

Finally! They arrived~ 2:05pm =.= Zzz so i had no time to talk much with them. But fortunately i still got to see them all b4 leaving to the States. If they late for another 10 minutes, really Zzzzz.

So took some photos and really BYEBYE!! Haha i didn't even feel like crying at all~ Dunno why??? Maybe i am too strong? Haha~ Michele u lose dy larr.

Thx all for sending me~ I appreciate it.

My Family~

Lut Marlson Miwang Me Tausen Desmond Yanz and Timax~ TakeCare guys!

Take care all my dearest frens ~~

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