Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God Bless WallStreet

Yup~ No more 700 Billion "rescue" for you~~ So clean up your own mess

Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch, WashingtonMutual, Wachovia, etc.. "1 by 1 like dominoes they fall" - cheow

So Called Winners:
John Thain (Merill Lynch)
Ken Lewis (Bank of America)

Definite Losers:
Richard Fuld (Lehman Brothers)
Robert Willumstad (AIG)
George W.Bush (United States of America =.= )

More to come =.=


God Bless WallStreet
(& America) =.=

(Look at what you have done, America)

This is getting ridiculous =.=

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Suddenly kinda miss Malaysia. My family, My best friends, My futsal team, Gals, My car~~~

So far, this semester has been a roller coaster for me. I had some troubles at the cafe, fucking new manager & weird rules, heavy classes, tons of homework, and bla bla bla.

However, good things happen too! This semester, I have met a lot of really cool friends, most of them my CAE coursemates + classmates ( yea CAE department rocks! ). And yea, have some really good friends too! These days I have been hanging around with really "different" people, Indians, Americans, Chinese, HongKies, French, Morrocans, Turkish, Columbian, Japanese, ABC, ABI, ABK blablabla~~ Which is~~~ errr pretty cool actually.

My classes are pretty much all CAE classes, except 1 general studies.
CAE 301 - Hydraulics & Hydrology -
CAE 303 - Structural Design 1
CAE 304 - Structural Analysis 1
CAE 315 - Materials of Construction
CAE 105 - Geodetic Science
HIS 380 - History of Middle East

Work Schedule (For $$$ Sake!):
Saturday 6:30pm - 12:30am
Sunday 3:30pm - 6:30pm


Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Room!!~

Welcome to MSV South 106

View from the front door.

我的无敌"宅男"室友, 整天不是打机, 就是看漫画, 而且开着一些很"基"的音乐.

"err 离学校45 分钟车程"
"因为是离学校45 分钟车程咯"

这个美国佬真的傻傻的 = =

不过, 还好我说什么他都说"OkOk"
“可以用耳机吗?" , 他就会马上带上~
睡觉也不用关灯~ 不会影响我这个猫头鹰晚上做功课~ 算不错啦~

好过上过sem那个朴智性多多, 敢敢跟我半夜练习英文发音!! XXX

(这段写写中文, 以防万一被他看到 = = )

Our beds~ I requested to bunk it so of course I have to take the upper deck =.= Very limited space up there, but doesn't really matter anyway.

Messy Closet

FOOD SUPPLY! My roommate's fridge which is full of my food =.= ( I dont know why he doesn't put anything inside)

The ugly uniform I have to wear =.= ( Almost got fired for not wearing it once)

My collection of Shot Glasses!! 1 for every city I had visited!
(From left : Baltimore, OceanCity, WashingtonDC, BoulderColorado, Denver, Chicago, VirginiaState)


My "systematic" way of keeping myself on track =.=
Kind of like homework reminder~
6 classes = 6 piles of stuff

How can I possibly concentrate on doing that stuff in the middle???!! Haha
Two HUGE DISTRACTIONS on each sides~ My "cannot afford to lose" laptop on the left + My new 19" Samsung HDTV on the right (dunno why did i spend $350 on it =.= )

Actually my room is kinda comfortable~
Though is kinda small~~
不过我的室友还真随和~ 房间的排法很明显就是我有比较多的空间~ 哈哈~ 付出的代价就是要睡上面 lo~ 不过本大爷还是 Jiok Sou 的一方 xD