Friday, January 18, 2008

Primary Farewell~~


Lets Make it Short~


9th January

So went to have dinner with my primary gal frens, together with timax bon~~

It has been a long time since we gathered, and i am really glad to meet up with those gals b4 i left Malaysia

Pizza Hut ^^

Teacher's house

Guess wat?? Kai Ann brought us to Ma Lao Shi house~~ OMG it was EIGHT YEARS since i last met my primary 6 teacher. A very very nice teacher. I was suprised that she can remember everyone's name and almost every happenings EIGHT YEARS ago!

Then, something really funny happened. Wahahaha~~ At teacher's house, we called Mr Tan Kian Wee, who supposed to turn up that day but he didn't. We used the Loud Speaker so that everyone can listen what he says, without notifying him. I was the 1st to talk to him and as usual we talked rubbish~ Then!!!!!!!! Our Teacher came close to me and shouted his primary school nickname "DANIEL! or DA NIU ( Big Cow) ". Guess what Mr Tan Kian Wee replied? Ahahahahahahaha~~~ He shouted through the loudspeaker, " Sei Sohai what are u talking!!????" Hahaha everyone burst into laughter immediately except our teacher, who i think didn't really understand what he was talking (fortunately) . Pity Mr.Tan didn't know that we were at teacher's house and we used the loud speaker! Hahahaha~~ He apologized to teacher after that~~

Bye Gals~~ ZZZ i really dunno why they like to do ugly faces.

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