Friday, January 25, 2008

Journey To The West =.=


So the journey to the "west" began =.=

My journey would be like KL >>> Taipei >>>> LosAngeles by Malaysia Airline
And Los Angeles >>> Chicago by United Airline

Sienzzz =.= Booked late so it cost RM 3802!! 1 way somemore!! Zzzzzzzz Sienzzz

Malaysia airline is really pretty cool. Nice food and very interesting flight entertainment. There are many many games and movies, u'll never feel bored on the plane

Malaysia Airline Flight Entertainment Joystick

Champions League 2006-2007 Highlights

Took around 4 hours to reach taipei, and 2 hours of sienzz transit at the airport.

Taipei Airport Duty Free Shop =.=

After that it was a long long flight from Taipei to Los Angeles across the Pasific Ocean, 11 hours if i have not mistaken. Nothing much to do, just Zzzzzzz.

Los Angeles ~~~~

Ok so here am i~ Welcome myself to the United States. Got my passport everything stamped and it was a SIENZZZ 6 hours wait at the stupid LA Airport. Called my uncle at Washington DC, called my fren who supposed to pick me up at Chicago Airport, then there was nothing to do but just wait. I really don't like that airport, don't know why?! The environment sucks =.= Didn't snap any photo at LA airport.

Then, it was United Airline to Chicago. I really miss Malaysia Airline when i took United Airline to Chicago =.= It really sucks. It was a 4 hours journey with no food served at all. So nothing to do just Zzzzz on the plane =.=

Finally~ Arrived at Chicago's O'hare International Airport, the world busiest Airport. So the journey was like 4hours+ 2hours+11hours+6hours+4hours = 27 hours to the United States. Zzzzzzz...

So, Welcome to the United States Mr.Alex Ong^^

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