Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer = Euro2008 = Betting = $$$$ = Gone

Finally got to touch this blog =.= Havent update for a long time.

Well, there's only 1 word to describe Summer here at IIT >>>>> Boring =.= Zzzzzzz

The ONLY fucking reason I am staying here for the summer is because I have to take this fucking class MMAE 202, which is a prerequisite to almost ALL my Junior year classes next semester. Orelse, I'll just go back to Malaysia to enjoy my summer holiday and watch Euro 2008 with my frens. Fuck this class!

So far life here during the summer :

1. Wake up early in the morning, around 9am ( for me is early =.= )
2. Switch on my laptop
3. Sign in MSN Messenger
4. "Bling Bling" Nudged by some ppl
5. Invite or being invited to the same old chatroom by my gangs (Yanz MW Marlson Gawa ~~ )
6. Listen to the ODDS & RATES provided by our Mr. Cow ( Mr. Gawa )
7. Discuss + Predict scores + Anaylze team lineup + Try to outsmart the bookies (=.=)
8. Choose the best ODDS, insert amount (=.=)
9. BET!!!!!!!!
10. WATCH!!!
11. Stressed!!!
12. Record down the total WIN or LOST ( Happens more often )
13. Daily event review (Zzzz)

A : " Noob Domenech! "
H : " 7 fake!"
Y : " Diuzzz - 85 liao"
W : " Sien larr Anelka 7 noob! dunno score "
A : " Ramos 7 behgai "
H : " Follow my uncle mar~ Noob
M : " Said dy dun take France larr~~ "
W : " Should have taken SMALL "
C : " You all noob! Follow me take Portugal marr~ Haha "
Y : " How i noe? GOD told me to take France"
A : " I flipped coin it said take Italy, Zzzz regret "
H : " Nvm Nvm~ Next Match / Tomorrow!! "
Y : " Ok time to communicate with God liao "
M: " Lai 80 for me Italy "

These are the typical conversations everyday ~~~ Hahaha

So far this is my routine for almost everyday (=.=) Since my classes are either morning 8am or evening 6pm, I watched almost EVERY matches of EURO 2008, experiencing the fakeness of football and the power of bookie everyday(=.=)

Haih~~ 堕落人生~ Watever~ Zzzzzzz

5 more weeks, then I'll be done with my summer fucking class, and then time to ENJOY~~

Washington DC here I come ~~~~ ^^

PS : Can't belif that I found a link connecting to Astro SuperSports, I have been watching LIVE EURO 2008 football matches with this link~

Shebby Noob Singh Live in USA ~~~

Hahaa~~ same old weird Indian accent + pointless analysis~~


Jesper said...

zzzz,watched every game of Euro2008???
I watch 2 games only, I believe they were the 2 most exciting game, Italy V Romania and Holland V France. XD

AleXxXx said...

too free~~
ma watch all of them lorr