Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama for President ^^


After a long long campaign, history has been made~~ Barack Obama beats Hilary Clinton (Zzzz) to become the 1st African American major party presidential candidate in the United States history.

The road to the White House :

(Democrats) Barack Obama VS John McCain (Republican )


Well, if nothing weird + stupid happens, something like sex scandal ( which always happen in political warfare =.= ) I am pretty sure that Obama will stroll all the way to the WhiteHouse =)

He has that kind of " president aura " which John McCain doesn't possess.


P.S : Obama is the Senator of Illinois and lives at Chicago ^^

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kj 凯捷 said...

i waited for Obama under the snow -20C for 2 hours when he came to Madison... my toes all got frozen, luckily he did not let me down!!!