Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Zzzzzz

So my "lovely" summer has started =.=

Well, I spent most of my 1st week of holiday at my fren's new apartment at SpringField, helping him to move in. We went down to SpringField on Wednesday morning, the day after I was hit by a car =.=

The journey took around 4 hours, kinda far. Surprisingly, Springfield is the capital of Illinois, instead of Chicago!

However, I have to say that this place, is damn noob =.=. Haha I didn't mean to be sarcastic, but this state capital is simply a small town, much much much smaller than Chicago.

So I finally had the chance to experience the smalltown lifestyle in America, a peaceful, quite and slower paced lifestyle. ( I have been experiencing the hectic and energetic Chicago lifestyle all time)

My Fren's New Apartment ~~~~

Pretty Nice eh???
So the following days were Shopping Shopping N Shopping, buying furnitures and stuffs for his new apartment. We visited almost ALL the hypermarkets here I guess, Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Linen N Things, Meijer's, White Oak's Mall, Bla Bla Bla~~ I couldn't remember all of them. This place is crazily FULL of BIG Hypermarkets, which I have NEVER seen in Chicago.

And Finally, I went to WalMart for the very 1st time, the world's largest public corporation by revenue =.= Dont blame me, there's NO WalMart at Chicago due to some monopolization problem.

Buying stuffs for a new home is really something interesting, but definitely not for the person who is moving in, cuz its ALOT of $$$$$.
So I was the one who helped him to carry all his new dining tables, chairs, cabinets up to his apartment at THIRD FLOOR, with NO ELEVATOR! Thank god that Camry didn't break my legs that day.

This single bed cost $480, the cheapest we could find =.=

So finally, some sightseeing during the last day. The only interesting thing here is that Abraham Lincoln was actually born here at Springfield, ( not interesting at all to me =.= ) and his house has become a tourist attraction.

State Capital of ILLINOIS!!!

Lincoln's house ( Nothing special at all =.= Haha )

Lincoln's Statue

So that's the end of my SpringField "trip"~ Haha~~
GoodBye SpringField~~ I'll miss this small and peaceful city~ I'll defintely come back next time..... for my retirement~ Haha =)

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