Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Iron Man

Watched the movie Iron Man??? Awesome rite??

Well something happened today and after that, I realised that I AM AN IRON MAN TOO!!




Hit by a car today ~~

Yea NO JOKE. Car Accident! Human Hit By Vehicle.

I was trying to be smart by jumping over a pool of water from the sidewalk, yea I succeeded and I landed in the middle of the road. So this Toyota Camry was coming towards me and BOMB! I flipped in the air and landed on the road hardly.

So in 2 minutes time ambulance police fireman blabla all arrived. Zzzzz i couldnt believe that I was a victim of an accident =.= really like what happened in movies.

Suprisingly, I AM OK!! Absolutely no problem! Quite painful after the impact but feel absolutely nothing after awhile. Couple of bruises, no big deal. Was taken to the Hospital in an ambulance, ( 1st time =.= ), then received some treatment in Mercy's Hospital.

I was hit by a Camry, flipped in the air, landed on the road hardly, but yet I am abolutely fine. That blackguy's new Camry was damaged in the front, probably he'll have to pay few hundred bucks to get it fixed, hahaha.

In the hospital =.= Zzzzzzzzz. Still fooling around =.=

The doctor actually said " You got hit by a CAR??? Oh My Goodness u are absolutely strong! I cant believe that u are absolutely fine, are u SUPERMAN??" (She did say that )

I replied " No, actually I am Iron Man"

(Haha, Joking, I didnt say tat, JFF~~)

So to all of my frens~~

Becareful on the street~~

I am glad that i dont have to stay at the hospital for 2 weeks . Zzzzzz. Thank god =.= Lucky Me

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