Friday, May 16, 2008

Its OVER, but ....


The GOD DAMNED Finals are all over !

Well many things happened these days, i can actually write a 10 page post for tat i guess.

Unfortunately, I had received a very sad news last week. I received a call from my dad telling me that someone broke in to our house. TV, my dekstop, laptop are still there (=.=) . Only 2 cheap watches were stolen ( wtf =.=)



The Dog is GONE.

Probably ran out when those fuckers broke in and then picked up by someone (I hope so), or probably is dead. Had been searching for a week, but I guess the chances of finding it back = 0.00001%

5 years with our family, since she was a puppy. 5 years.

Haizz. Words can never describe my feeling.

Haiz. This is life, where there's up and down.

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ck said...

so sad. Luckily you took quite a lot of photos of her. But the burglar is really noob.