Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break Day1~ Lambogini Bonanza~~

It has been a long time since i posted something here~ Haha got kinda lazy these days + freakingly busy with my stuff =.=

Spring break just passed and it was an awesome week for me~~

During the 1st day of spring break, saturday i guess, a phone call at 6 30am woke me up~ Yeap it was a call from this jibet KaiJie when he arrived at Chicago at 6 30am!!! WTF 6 30 am!! I had no idea why he hv chosen this kind of odd hours to travel =.=

Haha~~ Met this guy at ChinaTown and ate some dimsum at 7am =.= Went to Michigan Ave after that, walked around until he brought me to this Lambogini Showroom~ ( Zzz i should be the one bringing him around =.= )

I didnt know there's such thing at downtown Chicago, i was still hesitating whether to go in but this guy just stormed in =.= Lamboginies~~~~~~ AWESOME~

A Ferrari trying to challenge the Lamboginies i guess =.= Parked in front of the show room.



This was the coolest~ Lambogini Murchilago~ $395000 if i have not mistaken =.=
I really hope someday i will have the ability to walk in these shops, throw them my credit card and say " give me the black one please~~~ =.= " Haha

Brought him around my campus~ Welcome to Illinois Institute of Technology~ My school~
We seperated at the train station after that, he was on his way to New York City from O'Hare Airport while i was on my way to Denver from Midway Airport.
So the trip to Colorado began~~~ To be continued~~~

2nd meeting in 1 month i guess =.= Zzzzz ~~ Haha see u soon ~~


ck said...

so bad la. U call him jibet. LOL

AleXxXx said...

he is a jibet gia~~

Anonymous said...

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