Friday, March 14, 2008

NBA ^^


Finally my very 1st live NBA game~
$10 from IIT again~
Bulls VS Jazz


The United Centre, sponsered by United Airlines, Home of Chicago Bulls~

This lengzai was flying around before the game started

Opening Ceremony~ The High Pitched National Anthem of USA =.=

And of course~ The gorgeous CheerLeaders~~
Too bad it was too far away =.=

Actually i stopped following NBA for a long time, since form5 i guess. So, i was actually looking for Mr Ben Wallace. I was like " Ben Wallace~~ Where are you?? Bench???? Injured??"
Until the next day, i only knew that he actually switched to Cleveland Caveliers ~ Zzzzzzz

Something interesting to watch at the stadium is, if the Bulls scores over a hundred points, everyone in the stadium will get a free Big Mac. Haha we were quite lucky, Bulls won by 108 - 96. So a Free Big Mac~~~~~
Ok~~ Spring Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Break Break Break~~~~~
Colorado~ Here i come~

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