Monday, March 10, 2008

Blue Man's Group

Thx to Union Board IIT, i got the chance to watch this show for only $10, which originally cost around $50. A theater at northern part of Chicago, 20 minutes by train, pretty convenient.

Blue Man's Group, a very special show. Its like Musical + Comedy + Acrobatics, and some social issues i guess, some sort of special show. I really have no idea how to explain the show, its special, something i have never seen before, and i enjoyed it.

Though everyone, included me, have promised not to snap photos during the show ( everyone was fooled as we read " I promise not to snap any photos bla bla bla ~~ " , shown by the screen before the show stated), but Mou Diu~ I snapped some photos.

Really good~ I like the musical part~~

Some special effects before the show ended =.= Toilet papers from the back row~ Which i had no idea wat the hell was it~ But its cool~

Mr. Blue Man with some unknown ppl~~ Haha i was lazy to queue for the photos.

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