Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liverpool Zzzz Haha

Look at tis, doesnt "it" look like a FROG? Haha

A pulsating match between Chelsea and Liverpool, which ended 3-2. So Chelsea went through 4-3 at aggregate~ Haha bad luck to Liverpool this time, 1 SUPER NOOB own goal at the 1st leg and another NOOB penalty at stamford bridge. Hahahaa~~ Good good~

The result favoured my way, though i dont support both teams. Haha it doesn't mean that i like Chelsea more than Liverpool, it just that Liverpool beat Arsenal before this, that's why i enjoyed the result. Haha i admit that i am bias. ~~~~

However, there's something to be mentioned. This creature here Mr. Avram Grant really pissed me off. He became veli lansi and thinks that he is smart.

"'We have created history and I am very proud we did it my way", ESPN soccernet. Oh so this guy said that Chelsea did it "HIS" way~ His frog way??? WTF!

'There's only one special one,' he joked. ESPN soccernet. Oh so he thinks that he is hilarious? No u arent!! You Suck!!~ ~

Though he achieved something that his predecessor Jose Mourinho failed to achieved - beating Liverpool to advance to Chelsea's 1st UEFA Champions League Final. However i think that this frog here doesn't deserve any credit at all. Why??

1. He is just following Mourinho's tactic~
2. He is just using Mourinho's team
3. He just happened to have better luck than Jose Mourinho~ (Super Noob OwnGoal)
4. Just look at this game, i doubt Liverpool will have still have a lifeline until the last minute of the game if Chelsea was under Jose Mourinho. This Frog's Chelsea were lucky for not to pay the ultimate price for kept giving Liverpool a lifeline till the last minute.

5. He is too yongsui =.= Haha yea he does look like a frog (according to miwang)

So the final would be Chelsea VS Manchester United. Shit i really dont know which team i will support for the final.

Manchester United?? Definitely not~ Those lansi MU Fans really pissed me off. MU SUCKS!!!!
Chelsea?? Perhaps, since i have no better choice =.=~~~ But i bet this Frog will be even LANSI if Chelsea win the final =.=

Zzzz Sienz Sienz Sienzz


Marlson said...

support chelsea ba - -
at least i dun like man u
esp their fans
i quite xing sang drogba actualy..
he is once again GOD.gosh

AleXxXx said...

same opinion here

ck said...

suddenly all chelsea players look like god!! so weird, especially when you see them outplayed by liverpool in the 1st leg.

BUT I don't want chelsea to win!!!

AleXxXx said...

sien sien sien~
liv and ars both eat sand for tis season~~ haha gx gx

启正 said...

definitely one choice。。。
support chelsea
Though Chelsea's player n coach sometime will be lansi...but i don't want to see my Man U friends message in msn too

AleXxXx said...

all same opinion~
good good