Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break @ Colorado

Finally found sometime to update my trip to Colorado during my 1 week Spring Break. I am now typing this blog inside my stupid CAE470 class, friday nite zzzzzzz.

So i went to Denver, Colorado during my spring break with my old pals back in Inti. I took a flight from Chicago Midway Airport (Zzz Chicago is too far) while the others took buses. It was a great to meet up with them, FeiHai Cheow from Drake, Eric & Tumadre from UNL, and 2 other frens from UNL too. Gay trip huh?? Haha

So 1st nite~~ The creepy Denver International Youth Hostel. 14 Bucks per nite~ But OMG it was really damn creepy, with "DeathBody" inside the spooky closet, weird "scarecrow hat" in the bathroom and poorly luminated room. Haha something funny happened, i'll post tat 2 videos soon. Hahaa

Denver International Youth Hostel ~~ Zzzz

Day 2- We walked around Denver downtown~ Nothing special if u wanna compare with Chicago, lose 9 9~~~ Haha but Denver is a pretty town~~

Went to eat some Chinese Food~ Look what Eric ordered ~~ Damn Disgusting Zzzz~ Fu Yong Dan Rice ~~ Hahaa
7 wai ~~ Zzzzzz Hahahaa
After that, we went to the zoo. Zzzzzzzzzz which i have no idea why Zoo~~ Nothing special~ Saw polar bears made love~ Haha

This was before >>>>>>>>>>> ( White Bear Fu%#ing)

After >>>>>>>>>> ( Blue Bear Fu*&ing)

Look at this guy's expression~

Downtown Denver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The 2nd or 3rd day i forgot, we departed to Boulder~ A small town located NorthWest of Denver~ Campus town for University of Colorado~ Pretty Town~~~

Main Street at Boulder

So here came the interesting part of the trip~ SKIING~~~~~30 minutes on the shuttle bus from Boulder and we reached our Ski Resort, the El Dora Ski Resort~~ Wahahaha it was my 1st time skiing. Not that tough though, it was damn fun!!!

Rocky Mountains at Colorado~~ US best ski resort~ But maybe too good for beginners like us, kinda pricy though. $86 including lessons + ski equipment rental~ Zzzz too expensive. Anyway, it was a really nice experience~~
Went to visit University of Colorado at Boulder too~ Very nice school, big campus~~ FeiHai Cheow wanna transfer here jor~~

Day 4 or Day 5 ~ departed back to Denver~ Good bye Boulder and ElDora Ski Resort ~~ ^^

Some random church zzzz
All of us ~~

Day6~ So it was the end of the trip~ UNL gang departed earlier, so it was only me and feihai for the last day~

Bye Bye Denver , Bye Bye Colorado~~~
Spent $500 for the trip i guess ~~ Zzzzz pokai jor now~ Anyway it was a fun trip~~~ See u guys next time ~

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