Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alchohol Alchohol All The Time~

Alchohol Alchohol Again~

Sometimes i really wonder why ppl like to drink so much???

Well it was friday nite i guess, we were so free and eventually went to Jewel to get some alchohol =.=

Alchohol Alchohol =.=

Well Calvin is 21 so it is legal for him to buy alchohol~ Bought Vodka, Martini, Barcadi, Chivas and whatever i really cant remember since i was not the one who buying. Just followed~

So~ It was CockTail Time !

Personal Bar~~ Not my room of course ~~
So they made some Long Island IceTea, eventhough i don't really like to drink, but honestly it tastes so good ! Haha so it was another drinking session =.=

This guy was seriously drunk after that and became so emo~ Haha poor calvin

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