Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ice Skating


During the 2nd weekend at IIT. We went Millenium Park again~

That time it was Ice Skating ~~~~~~~ ^^
The millenium park ice skating ring is SOOOO nice~ Its like all the buildings and skyscrappers are surrounding you. ~The skates rental are 9 bucks, which is kinda expensive i think. But if u bring ur own skate, its FREE~
Enjoy some photos~

Me Rami Tinki Jingkai Sam HK and Missing Calvin =.=

After ice skating, i went dinner with Sam and Calvin at Cheesecake Factory, below John Hancock Tower, 2nd tallest building in Chicago. Well~ There's only 1 word to describe, Awesome ~~ Especially the chocolate cheesecake for desert, it was the best cheesecake i have ever tried.
15 Dollars each person =.= Expensive? or Reasonable? Anyway, its Chicago~ 15 Dollars is reasonable for a nice dinner, i think =.=

World's Best Cheesecake~Calvin and Me

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