Thursday, February 14, 2008

Si Chuan Steam Boat!!!

Time to Introduce some good food!

During CNY i went to this place at ChinaTown called LAO SI CHUAN~ (OLD SI CHUAN)
We had a wonderful SteamBoat dinner~ Oh My Gosh it was so nice~

Spicy Si Chuan Steamboat, with awesome lambs, fish, vegetables and blablabla.

TangYuan for CNY? It taste really really good. But! its DAMN expensive! I wonder why Sam ordered it. 2 bowls, 12 TangYuans, for 10 USD =.=
The bill came out $ 100 ++ i think. It was only me Sam Calvin and my Korean fren James.
27 Dollars per person >.<
Well i didn't pay for that~ Sam treated me. Wow really thanks .
"Haven't treat u a meal since u arrive at USA, 我请你吃啦~"
Thanks man~ Treat u back next time

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