Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Castle

Snow Snow Snow~~`

1 nite when the snow was so thick and smooth, me, Calvin, Sam, Jingkai and some other guys went out to play snow. It was my 1st time playing with snow, and honestly, it was DAMN FUN!!!!

So we planned to build a Castle~ Using empty dustbin to creat ice bricks.

In progress ~~~

An American guy brought a "Snow Ball Making Equipment", something with 2 ice cream scoopers combined together, looks abit like scissor with 2 scoopers. They started to make snow balls. =.= To throw at hostel windows =.= But that "equipment" really can make cute snow balls haha~~

Snow Balls~~~~~

After awhile, Sam got crazy and started rolling snow balls. The other guys got crazy too and started building weird stuff.

SO~~ After 2 hours of work. Our "Castle" was completed~~

Snow Castle Building Team~

But~ Zzzz~~ The "castle" wasn't exactly what we planned. Because of the 2 snowballs Sam rolled, they carved 2 "guardians" in front the castle, which i had no idea what creature were them. Moreover, they added a "Chair" in front of the "castle, to sit on it and snap photos =.=

SO! Our "castle"~~ Became a cemetery =.= All of us actually agreed that it does look like cemetery.

It was really fun playing around with snow~ ^^ I am looking forward to build something else next time.

Cemetery??? Haha

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