Friday, August 8, 2008

EPL lor~~

To All My Lovely Frens~~

EPL !!!! ~~

Its time 4 Fantasy Premier League! again!! ~~~

So please join our very own Mature Premier League MPL 0809~~

The code is >>>> 771174-145603

Words from Administer ( Which is ME xD )

From the previous seasons I have seen alot of ppl gave up playing after a few months. Maybe they think they had fallen behind too many points, and had no chance to catch up the leaders, so they just gave up playing and abandoned their team. So these teams ended up rotting in the league and had unchanged players for the rest of the season =.=

So I hope this time everyone will stay in the game till the season ends~~
DO NOT GIVE UP EASILY ~~ Eventhough u are falling behind alot !~
"CHeng Shou Dian Mar~~~ "


So lets see who will be the winner this time!

P.S : Who was the winner last season??? Lim Beh oso dunno~ ChenSien? Marlson? Miwang???


Jesper said...

It's hard LAH...i always have no patience after going into the mid-season league.

Maybe i got to admit that i am a lazy bug sometime~:P

AleXxXx said...

U Suck!!